Be at your full potential! 

Using advanced laser technology, Zengyro has devised a method to store specific frequencies in 3D inside the Zengyro hologram, similar to those found in sacred crystals.

The Zengyro energy band is a sporty and stylish wristband that you can wear anytime, anywhere.  The Zengyro research and development team identified particular waves and vibrations that are best known to react positively with human physiology.  The Zengyro team invested many years of research into capturing these specific frequencies using holographic devices.  The Zengyro hologram is designed to contain these frequencies and currently has 4 approved patents. The holograms are offset 120 degrees apart in order to maximize the frequencies and prevent “deconstructive interference”.  This is one of the reasons why Zengyro is  the most powerful product on the market.

Zengyro holograms were developed to enhance performance for everyone, not just athletes. When your body feels more powerful, flexible and balanced, you can’t help but improve your performance. The frequencies embedded in Zengyro holograms “remind” your body of the natural frequencies that controlled your physiology before the modern age of electricity and technology.

Put one on today and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

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  • All bands are manufactured with FDA-grade surgical silicon for comfort and durability.
  • Each band contains three Zengyro holograms that are symmetrically placed. Zengyro holograms are created by advanced laser technology. Each hologram radiates with frequencies that resonate with your body’s natural electrical field.
  • Zengyro Energy bands withstand water, you can wear them swimming or in the shower.


To determine the proper size needed, simply measure the circumference of the wrist in inches.

 Small: 6.5″   Medium: 7.0″   Large: 7.5″   Extra Large: 8.25″   XXL: 8.75″



For our Retailers we offer official Zengyro Display Stands. The display stands are a great way to show the product off! The 48 band stand is fantastic to hold and organize inventory while offering a clean display. The individual stands provide ease and convenience for smaller rooms and to allow for hands on product review. DISPLAY STANDS ARE A MUST TO MAXIMIZE YOUR SALES!

INDIVIDUAL STANDS (4 pack)                                                        48 BAND DISPLAY